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North America is home to tens of thousands of insect species. While some of these bugs are useful to gardeners for pollination and pest control reasons, some insects are not so good for gardeners. Of course, these insects include the insect-pests that destroy your gardens plantlife. So naturally, every gardener wants to have and maintain a perfect balance of both good and bad insects in their gardens. And that is where insect hotels come into the picture.

The concept behind this insect hotel is to maintain a good balance between beneficial insects and insect pests. By keeping certain beneficial insects inside of a clear unit that resembles their own habitat, other beneficial insects can be coaxed into reproducing in the garden area.

One particular bug hotel model is made with a shelf that contains several clear units filled with plants and sticks as well as a different species of bugs in each unit. By creating living accommodations for bugs that benefit the well being of gardens, the inventors of the bug hotel are hoping to create a place where beneficial insects will want to stay.

Have you ever pondered over how to keep the insects that benefit your garden from being killed or leaving?

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