Largest Dose Of Antivenom Ever Becomes Necessary After A Boy Sustains A Bite From A Venomous Spider

Most spiders could safely be dismissed as harmless, but not all. One of the most dangerous spiders on the planet is known as a funnel-web spider, and unfortunately it was this spider that bit a ten year old boy not too long ago. As a result of this bite, and the life threatening symptoms that the bite caused, it is now believed that the ten year old bite victim received the largest dose of antivenom ever recorded.

The ten year old boy, Michael Gosford, sustained the bite on his finger; evidently the spider was hiding in the boys shoe. According to a wildlife park manager the boy received twelve vials of antivenom in order to spare his life, which is a whole lot of antivenom. Amazingly, only one day after the boy was given a gross amount of antivenom, he was able to leave the hospital with a clean bill of health.

The funnel-web spider that bit the boy was taken to a reptile park where the spider is currently being milked of its deadly venom. This milking is done in order for experts to develop more antivenoms that can be used for different animal bites in the future.

Part of the reason why you are always hearing that spiders will not kill you is not just because most spiders are harmless, but because the spiders that can kill a person normally don’t succeed as a result of the many antivenoms on the market. So spider bites remain relatively rare, but a twenty two year old from Sydney, Australia was recently killed as a result of a spider bite. So be mindful, especially of the funnel-web spider. Despite funnel-web spiders being native to Australia, they have been known to send people from all over the world to the hospital.


Have you ever had to rush someone to the hospital as a result of a spider bite?

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