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So far science has named and described over thirty five thousand spiders in total. Among this amount, only twenty seven have caused fatalities. Of course, some of these twenty seven spiders may be regarded as harmless, and a bite may not be such a big deal for some spiders with one or two human deaths associated with their bite. Since venom evolved to paralyze small invertebrate organisms, it is highly unlikely that you would ever encounter a spider that possesses venom that is potent enough to kill you. However, there are a few spiders right here in the United States that can kill you, and I am not just talking about the most well-known spiders, such as the black widow or the brown recluse.

The hobo spider is a type of spider that is unusually aggressive, and it is known to bite with little or no provocation. A hobo spider’s bite is, initially, painless, but after a brief period of time a bite wound can become serious. A bite from this spider will appear red, and a bit swollen, but after twenty four hours, the wound will form a blister. The resulting blister eventually leaves an open wound in which infections can be contracted easily.

Yellow sac spiders, or black-footed spiders, as they are also commonly known, are dangerous spiders that are native to North America. These spiders possess a type of venom that is mildly toxic, but the bites are reported to cause intense pain. Although this spider’s venom may not be life threatening, many other issues could arise as a result of being bit by one of these spiders. For example, a person who sustained a bite could develop erythema, edema and pruritis. Experts believe that yellow sac spiders cause the majority of nuisance bites in the United States.

Have ever you before heard, or seen, any of the two spiders described above?







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