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Living in South Florida, you’ve likely invested a considerable amount of time and money into keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful. At Native Pest Management, we strive to protect your investment. During our initial inspection, we will identify turf and plant material that may be susceptible to damage caused by insects or disease and will present an Integrated Pest Management program customized for your property.

While your first instinct may be to take the “nuclear bomb” approach to pest problems in your landscape, by spraying everything in sight, our safer and more effective treatment program targets pests only with selective pesticide applications. Once we identify the specific insects or disease causing damage, we will determine what cultural management practices (i.e. over-irrigation or under-fertilization) may be contributing to the host plant material being more susceptible to pest infestations and will recommend corrections to those practices where possible. This multi-pronged approach to pest management aims to not just respond to pest damage in a reactionary manner, but to improve the long-term health of your landscape to minimize its susceptibility to pest activity.

Turf Specialists

Types of turf we treat and fertilize in Palm Beach County include Bermuda, Zoysia, Seashore Paspalum, and St. Augustine. Each type of turf has different fertilization, irrigation and mow height requirements to maximize turf health. During our initial inspection, we will provide you maintenance recommendations for your specific turf type. By following these recommendations, you and your gardening company will greatly reduce the susceptibility of your turf to damage resulting from insects and diseases. Upon implementing our recommendations and adding our monthly monitoring and preventative applications to your turf maintenance program, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the quality of your landscape.

Landscape Fertilization

Do you go to a pharmacy for medication without knowing what specific medical issue is causing your symptoms? We didn’t think so. That’s why at Native Pest Management, before applying fertilizer, we will determine the physical and chemical properties of your soil by measuring the pH and sending samples to a laboratory for analysis. Once we identify nutrient or pH deficiencies and plants susceptible to specific deficiencies (palm trees are often manganese deficient), we will develop a fertilization program customized for your landscape.

When applying fertilizer, we follow University of Florida application recommendations to maximize plant health while reducing pollution. All of our technicians have been trained in Green Industry Best Management Practices and have obtained Limited Urban Commercial Fertilizer Applicator Certifications prior to applying any fertilizer to your property.

Do you know the percent of slow-release fertilizer that is currently being applied to your landscape? To provide nutrients to plant roots over an extended period of time, we use 50% slow-release granular fertilizers to decrease the amount of nutrients lost through leaching in our sandy soils. While many companies choose to apply quick-release fertilizers due to their reduced cost, we at Native Pest Management choose quality because the health of your landscape depends on it.

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